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Neck Pain Treatment

Unless a doctor has advised you to rest or limit neck movements, the neck performs best when you stay active every day. Here are 3 reasons why. Staying active helps to keep the neck muscles strong and flexible. 1. Keep neck muscles conditioned When the body stays busy with physical activities, such as walking, exercising, housework, gardening, and others, your muscles get worked—including muscles in the neck. Working the muscles helps keep them strong and flexible to perform daily tasks. An activity as simple as doing the dishes may not sound like......

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Lumbar and Cervical Spine Specialist in Pune

Herniated discs can cause a variety of different symptoms, but those symptoms can vary depending on where the disc herniation occurs in your spine. Below, we take a closer look at the symptoms of herniated discs based on where they develop in your back. A herniated disc occurs when the outer portion of a spinal disc breaks down and the inner potion leaks out. For those of you unfamiliar with the sections of your spine, it can be broken down into three segments: The cervical, thoracic and lumbar portions of your spine.......

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7 Back Pain Conditions

When it comes to chronic pain, men and women are not created equal. Women are over-represented in the ranks of those dealing with chronic pain. Lower back pain can be caused by a variety of problems in the lumbar spine. Take a look at these 7 chronic pain conditions in the back, and see if the symptoms sound familiar. Coccydynia Compression fracture Degenerative spondylolisthesis Fibromyalgia Piriformis syndrome Sacroiliac joint dysfunction Spinal osteoarthritis Differences in pelvic structure, hormonal factors, and the impact of pregnancy are often cited to explain why women bear the......

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