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Neck Pain Treatment

Unless a doctor has advised you to rest or limit neck movements, the neck performs best when you stay active every day. Here are 3 reasons why. Staying active helps to keep the neck muscles strong and flexible. 1. Keep neck muscles conditioned When the body stays busy with physical activities, such as walking, exercising, housework, gardening, and others, your muscles get worked—including muscles in the neck. Working the muscles helps keep them strong and flexible to perform daily tasks. An activity as simple as doing the dishes may not sound like......

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Back Pain treatment

Regardless of whether spinal pain originates in the neck, upper back, or lower back, it can become bad enough to reduce your ability to enjoy an active lifestyle. But there are also some aspects that make upper back pain different from neck and lower back pain. Let’s explore 3 of them. 1. Upper back pain is less common: Estimates regarding the prevalence of upper back pain vary widely. However, compared to neck pain and lower back pain, upper back pain is considered relatively rare. One commonly cited reason for less upper back......

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