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Dr. Amit Wagh is one of the most renowned and respected Senior Neurosurgeon in Pune India. He has finished his M. S. Surgery from Government Medical College, Nagpur. Furthermore, M.Ch. Neurosurgery from Armed Forces Medical College, Pune (AFMC, Pune). At present, he is the Director of Star Hospital, Senior Consultant Neurosurgery and Head – Department of Spine Surgery at Star Hospital Akurdi Pune.

Following which Dr. Amit Wagh has joined the YCM medical hospital, Pimpri. D. Y. Patil Medical College, and Major Hospital in Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad. Dr. Amit Wagh has operated on in excess of a thousand patients in Pune and different parts of Maharashtra. He has been extraordinary exceptional neurosurgical work in cranial and spinal injury, Brain and spine tumor, Microscopic spine surgery, Endoscopic spine surgery.

Dr. Amit Wagh is one of the best Neurosurgeons & Spine Surgeons in Pune. Craniovertebral junction anomalies, Trigeminal neuralgia. Dr. Amit Wagh is a dedicated person towards the patient with excellent Neuro Surgical Skills. He is expertise in Minimally invasive spine surgery, transsphenoidal surgery, cervical and lumbar spine surgery.

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Dr. Amit Wagh advocate a sophisticated strategy to deal with neurosurgical, spinal, neurological & pain conditions.

Skull Base Tumors

Many brain tumors, pituitary tumors, acoustic neuromas, meningioma, and other types of tumors affect the skull base. These are known as skull base tumors.

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Brain Aneurysm

A brain Aneurysm is an abnormal outward bulging or ballooning on the weak area/spot in the wall of an artery that supplies blood to the brain.

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Arteriovenous Malformation

A brain arteriovenous malformation is a tangle of abnormal and poorly formed blood vessels in the brain or on its surface.

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Spinal Cord Tumor

A spinal cord tumor is a growth that develops within the spinal cord itself. There are two main types of tumors according to their location in the spine

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We do not offer medication. We offer an experience that is built to improve our patient’s quality of life.

Dr. Amit Wagh

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FAQ – Neurosurgery

Neurosurgeons are medical specialists who analyze and treatment of the whole nervous system brain, spinal cord, skull, and spine (bony vertebral column). Obviously, they operate on the brain, but they actually spend nearly 70 percent of their time helping patients with spine and peripheral nerve issues, giving careful and nonsurgical consideration.

Dr. Amit Wagh is working at Sparsh Hospital and Star Hospital in Pune. If you want to consult with Dr. Amit Wagh then simply book an appointment by making an appointment form. The hospital connects you shortly and gives the appointment details.

Dr. Amit Wagh is a Senior Consultant Neurosurgeon in Pune at Sparsh Hospital and Star Hospital Pune. He has completed More than 2000 BRAIN and SPINE surgeries in his 12 years of professional experience. He is experienced in the different spine and neurosurgery like Brain tumor surgeries, Brain & Spine Trauma surgeries, Pituitary tumor surgeries, Aneurysm surgeries, Spine Tumor surgeries, Brain & Spine Arterio-venous malformation, Pediatric neurosurgery, Stereotactic Surgery, Spasticity surgery Etc

You should to expect that your neurosurgeon will get a full history, focused physical examination, and review any imaging studies that have been finished. Most neurosurgical conditions require imaging (e.g., MRI or CT) to be properly analyzed. You should expect that your neurosurgeon will require imaging done preceding your first visit.

The cost of Neurosurgery in Pune is low as compared to other cities in India and Other developed countries. Cost-effective Neurosurgery treatment in India has led to a large number of international patients coming to India for the treatment.
The Average cost of Neurosurgery in Pune is Rs. 3 to 4 Lakhs based on different factors. Dr. Amit Wagh has provided the best treatment at an affordable cost. The Cost Generally depends on the following factors like Technology / Approach Used Surgery Type, Type of Anesthesia or Sedation, patient’s general health, and The extent of the surgery needed.

Do I need surgery? Are there other options such as medication, therapy, or other treatment alternatives such as radiation or chemotherapy? What are the risks of treatment? What are warning signs that I should look out for that might make surgery necessary?

Typically, spinal surgery is more urgent for patients who are at risk of losing neurologic function than for patients who have no weakness but have pain. Most patients with back and leg pain should first try non-surgical methods of treating their pain before surgery is considered.

Dr. Amit Wagh is an experienced neurosurgeon and he is treated patient at various locations such as Aurangabad, Nashik, NagpurKolhapurSatara, Bhusawal, Mumbai, and Other places in Maharashtra. He is also treated with some international patient treatment.

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