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About - Dr. Amit Wagh

Dr. Amit Wagh one of the Best Brain Specialist Doctor in Pune

Dr. Amit Wagh is a leading Neurosurgeon in Pune. He has finished his M. S. Medical Surgery from Government Medical College, Nagpur. What’s more, M.Ch. Neurosurgery from Armed Forces Medical College, Pune (AFMC, Pune).

Following which he has joined YCM hospital, Pimpri. D. Y. Patil Medical school, and Major Hospital in Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad. Dr. Amit Wagh has worked with in excess of a thousand patients in Pune and different parts of Maharashtra.

He has been doing phenomenal neurosurgical work in cranial and spinal trauma, Brain and spine tumor, Microscopic spine surgery, Endoscopic spine surgery

Dr. Amit Wagh has a particular interest in spine surgery. Craniovertebral junction anomalies, Trigeminal neuralgia. Dr. Amit Wagh is a devoted individual towards the patient with great Neuro Surgical Skills. He is a mastery in minimally invasive spine surgery, transsphenoidal surgery, cervical and lumbar spine surgery.

Dr. Amit Wagh has treated patients at various locations like Pune, Satara, Aurangabad, Kolhapur, Bhusawal, Nashik, etc.

  • Mch Neurosurgery (2011-14)         Armed Forces Medical College, Pune (AFMC,PUNE)
  • M.S (Gen Surgery)(2008-10)         Govt Medical College, Nagpur
  • M.B.B.S         Govt Medical College, Miraj.
  • Maharashtra State Scholarship in 7th std
  • Maharashtra Talent search rank 29 in 1996
  • 1st in District in Sanskrit – 10th
  • 1st in Sanskrit- 12th
  • Best outgoing student Award – 10th std
  • More than 2000 BRAIN and SPINE surgeries
  • More than 1000 SPINE surgeries
  • Excellent surgical result of SPINE and BRAIN surgeries.
  • Experienced in Stereotactic Surgery
  • Experienced in Brain & Spine Trauma surgeries.
    • Acute Subdural hematoma
    • Acute Epidural Hematoma
    • Growing skull fracture
    • Cervical Vertebral Fractures
    • Thoracic fractures
    • Lumbar Fractures
  • Experienced in Brain tumour surgeries
    1. Brainstem glioma
    2. Pituitary tumors
    3. Pineal tumors
    4. Epidermoid/Dermoid cyst
    5. Glomus tumors
    6. Tumors of orbit
    7. CP angle tumors-schwannoma,meningioma
    8. Choroid plexus tumors
    9. Ventricular tumor- colloid cyst, central neurocytoma
  • Experienced in Pituitary tumour surgeries
  • Experienced in Aneurysm surgeries
    • Ant cerebral artery
    • Middle cerebral artery
    • Posterior cerebral artery
    • PICA aneurysm
    • Basilar top aneurysm
  • Experienced in Spinal Instrumentation
    • Cervical artificial disc
    • Pedical screw fixation
    • Posterolateral fusion
    • Posterior interbody fusion
    • Lateral interbody fusion
    • Lumbar canal stenosis
  • Experienced in Spine Tumor surgeries
    • Extradural tumors
    • Intradural tumors
    • Intramedullary tumors
  • Experienced in Brain & Spine Arterio-venous malformation
  • Microvascular decompression for Trigeminal neuralgia
  • Pediatric neurosurgery
    • IIIrd ventriculostomy
    • Ventriculoperitoneal shunt
    • Lumboperitoneal shunt
    • Arnold-Chiari malformation
    • Dandy-Walker malformation
    • Lipomyelomeningocele
    • Myelocystocele
    • Diastematomyelia
  • Spasticity surgery
    • Dorsal root lesioning
    • Dorsal root entry zone lesioning
  • Infections
    • Brain abscess
    • Spinal epidural abscess
    • Pott’s spine
    • Hydatid cyst
    • Neurocysticercosis
  • “QUESTION BANK OF NEUROSURGERY” – Text Book for Mch Neurosurgery Entrance Examination (since 2011)
  • Giant loose peritoneal Body– A case report. Tropical Gastroenterology Journal (2009)
  • Adrenal Schwannoma – A Rare case report. Indian journal of Surgery(2009)
  • Primary Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma of Rectum– Tropical Gastroenterology(2010)
  • Difficult Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy– Thesis work (2010)

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